IMPORTANT NOTE: Please temporarily turn off all antivirus, pop-up blockers and security software such as Norton/Symantec or McAfee before downloading. Running this software can result in empty, 0-byte downloads or corrupt/invalid files.

Promotion ID: Valid IDs for the Calexico download are GARDENCD and GARDENLP (case insensitive).

On windows an "Open/Save" dialog should pop up after clicking "download now". Mac OSX should start downloading to the desktop automatically by default.

.zip archive files: If you are on a Windows XP machine you should be able to right-click on the file and "Extract all". If you are on an older version of Windows and don't have a zip program like Winzip installed, you can try the free utility "7Zip" here On a Mac the "Stuffit" or "MacZIP" utilities should be available and will know what to do with a zip archive. If successful, you will end up with a folder containing mp3s and an artwork file.

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