Experiment Zero

Experiment Zero | Man Or Astro-Man?

Release Date: 04/16/1996

Catalog Number: TG157

Format: LP, CD


  1. Stereo Phase Test
  2. Television Fission
  3. DNI
  4. Planet Collision
  5. Big Trak Attack
  6. 9 Volt
  7. Evil Plans of Planet Spectra
  8. Anoxia
  9. Maximum Radiation Level
  10. King of the Monsters
  11. Cyborg Control
  12. Test Driver
  13. Television Man
  14. Z-X3
  15. Principles Unknown

Album Art

  • Experiment Zero

Experiment Zero

Experiment Zero | Man Or Astro-Man?

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Stereo Phase Test   
Television Fission   
Planet Collision   
Big Trak Attack   
9 Volt   
Evil Plans of Planet Spectra   
Maximum Radiation Level   
King of the Monsters   
Cyborg Control   
Test Driver   
Television Man   
Principles Unknown   

Album Art

  • Experiment Zero
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    • Within One Universe There Are Millions from Spectrum of Infinite Scale (Audio File 2.0mb)

    Band Member Info


    Star Crunch - Interjected on Gretch and Mosrite guitars, Mega mouth, Roland Juno 6Birdstuff - Controlled impact with PureCussion Space Dork Drum Module.Coco the Electronic Monkey Wizard - Tinkered on the black VQ-4 Danelectro bass, spun dial of various tone generatorsDexter X-Man from Planet Q - Who aids with the Live Experiment Reinforcement, and created the bass line to Anoxia

    The vinyl version includes a vinyl only bonus track "The Space Alphabet".