We lost another good one: RIP Pierre Kezdy

At only 58 years of age, Pierre Kezdy passed away today after struggling with cancer. Pierre was the bass player in three of Touch and Go / Quarterstick's best Chicago area bands: Naked Raygun, Pegboy, and Arsenal. He was also a great guy. He is survived by his wife and children for whom there is currently a GoFundMe page raising money to help them with Pierre's medical expenses. If you can help them, the page is HERE.


20th Anniversary Edition of Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons To Be Released September 4, 2020

Pre-Order available in the Touch and Go Records Store

In Stores Worldwide September 4, 2020

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Blonde Redhead’s classic album, Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons, Touch and Go will release a deluxe vinyl edition on September 4, 2020. This limited edition of 2000 is pressed on 180—gram opaque magenta pink vinyl at RTI and packaged in a full—color gatefold jacket with revised cover art and never—before—seen photos from the original recording sessions.

Originally released 20 years ago on June 6, 2000, Blonde Redhead’s 3rd Touch and Go Records album was recorded earlier that year at Bear Creek Studio in Washington State from January 15th til February 18th with Guy Picciotto and Ryan Hadlock. With Guy helping to shape the sound of the record, Simone, Kazu, and Amedeo found themselves in an ideal environment to create the iconic album that emerged from those sessions.

Since 2017, the album has gained a rabid new fanbase after the popular TV Series Rick and Morty used the song "For the Damaged Coda" as the "Evil Morty" theme music.

From the first notes of "Equally Damaged", you are drawn in — starting with a simple, twisted melody, augmented bit by bit with the rhythms and distinctive vocals and lyrics which are the center of these songs. Moved dramatically to the front of the mix, the vocals on this record are rich and melodic, sometimes recorded with three mics at once to get the depth of the sound. The instrumentation and presentation of each song create intricately layered, provocative, and genuinely emotional songs that continue to play themselves in your head for days.

The mix of the guitars, the power of the drums, and the infectiousness of the rhythms, combined with the remarkable vocals and lyrics, make Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons a true masterpiece.


SLINT and JUNE OF 44 Announce Limited Edition Exclusives for Record Store Day 2020

Head to your local record store and let them know you want these Record Store Day Exclusives ( available worldwide ) from Touch and Go Records and Quarterstick Records. Quantities are limited!

SLINT Breadcrumb Trail b/w Good Morning Captain 12" on Clear Vinyl

* Original Alternate "Dry" Mixes from 1990
* Limited to 2500 copies worldwide
* Includes EXCLUSIVE Glow-in-the-Dark SLINT Spider Turntable Slip Mat

Sounding more "in your face" (think "Nosferatu Man") than the final 1991 Spiderland LP mixes, these previously unreleased mixes were mastered by Bob Weston of Chicago Mastering Service at 45 rpm for optimum fidelity.

Feel the hot kick of Britt's drum, the down and dirty rumble of Todd's bass, the special sizzle of Dave's guitar, and the meaty chunk of Brian's guitar (he sings too) stronger, louder, and different than you've ever heard them before!

LP jacket and full color Euro-style die-cut inner sleeve featuring art designed by Jeremy DeVine of Temporary Residence, LTD.

JUNE OF 44 Engine Takes To The Water LP on Glacial Blue Vinyl

Limited to 2000 copies worldwide * REMASTERED by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service * Letterpress Jacket by Dexterity Press * Printed Inner Sleeve and 24 inch x 31 inch Poster Insert with artwork by Ray Abeyta * Out of Print for 20 years * Include Digital Album Download* Former members of Rodan, Hoover, Codeine, Shipping News, Lungfish, Rex, Sonora Pine

After forming in November 1994 while living in different cities, June of 44 recorded their debut album in four days during December of 1994. The result is a record that leaves us all treasures like the Tooth Fairy, releases our internal monsters, and takes them away like garbage men just doing their jobs.

JUNE OF 44 Tropics and Meridians LP on Glacial Blue Vinyl

Limited to 2000 copies worldwide * Alternate Album Art Inspired by Original Jacket * Printed Inner Sleeve and 24 inch x 31 inch Poster Insert with artwork by Ray Abeyta * Out of Print for over 15 years * Includes Digital Album Download * Former members of Rodan, Hoover, Codeine, Shipping News, Lungfish, Rex, Sonora Pine

Originally released in 1996, June of 44's second album is a collection of rhythmic phrases meant to be perfumed of whatever the listener would like them to be. The music veers from the subtly lilting and melodic to the fierce and abrasive, often within the space of a few bars. Rollicking on the high seas, but then slowing down to float on a glass-like waterbed, the band bring us their unique brand of the quiet storm, set to music of course.


Alison Chesley / Steve Albini / Tim Midyett Film Soundtrack 2xLP Available May 1st

On May 1, 2020, Touch and Go will be releasing a double LP of Music from the film Girl on the Third Floor; "creepy instrumental music" as described by co-creator Steve Albini.


When director Travis Stevens called about composing music for his new horror film, Steve Albini (Shellac) found himself with a new creative challenge. After meeting with Stevens and Greg Newman from Queensbury Pictures, Steve signed on and recruited Tim Midyett (Mint Mile, Silkworm) and Alison Chesley (Helen Money) to complete the ensemble that would compose and record the soundtrack.

* Limited Edition of 666 2xLP on Clear and Red "Blood-Splattered" Vinyl pressed on manual presses at Third Man Record Pressing to maximize the splattered blood effect

* Standard Edition 2xLP Black Vinyl pressed at Record Technology, Inc.

* Full-color gatefold jacket with cover art drawn by Jay Ryan

* Guest vocals on "Irish" performed by Gaelynn Lea


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