Nasty International

Nasty International | New Wet Kojak

Release Date: 06/10/1997

Catalog Number: TG164

Format: LP, CD


  1. Cool Heart
  2. Stereo Explosive
  3. Get the Curse
  4. Hot Sparks
  5. Love is a Sick Beat (Audio File 2.6mb)
  6. Sugar X
  7. Kick Some Life
  8. Code Windham
  9. Limelight Feel
  10. Miramax #1
  11. Blue Magic

Album Art

  • Nasty International

Nasty International

Nasty International | New Wet Kojak

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Cool Heart   
Stereo Explosive   
Get the Curse   
Hot Sparks   
Love is a Sick Beat   
Sugar X   
Kick Some Life   
Code Windham   
Limelight Feel   
Miramax #1   
Blue Magic   

Album Art

  • Nasty International
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    • Love is a Sick Beat from Nasty International (Audio File 2.6mb)

    Band Member Info


    Nick Pellicciotto Drums, Shaker, Whistle
    Scott McCloud Vocals, Acoustic Deluxe, Drums, Piano
    Geoff Turner Keyboards, Atmospherics, Backing Vocals, Samples, Guitar, Guitorgan
    Johnny Temple Bass, Guitar, Percussion
    Charles Bennington Saxophone