Peregrine | Tara Jane ONeil

Release Date: 01/18/2000

Catalog Number: QS61

Format: CD


  1. A City in the North
  2. Sunday Song (Audio File 2.7mb)
  3. Another Sunday
  4. 1st Street
  5. Ode to a Passing
  6. Bullhorn Moon
  7. Flush Thumb Blues
  8. Asters
  9. The Fact of a Seraph
  10. A City in the South

Album Art

  • Peregrine


Peregrine | Tara Jane ONeil

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A City in the North   
Sunday Song   
Another Sunday   
1st Street   
Ode to a Passing   
Bullhorn Moon   
Flush Thumb Blues   
The Fact of a Seraph   
A City in the South   

Album Art

  • Peregrine
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    • Sunday Song from Peregrine (Audio File 2.7mb)
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    • The Poisoned Mine from You Sound, Reflect (Audio File 2.7mb)
    • Blue Light Room from In Circles (Audio File 2.3mb)

    Band Member Info


    Tara Jane O'Neil - All Other Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Piano, Banjo, Melodica, Balla Laika, Keyboard, Thumb Piano Sounds
    Andrew Barker - Drums
    Cynthia Nelson - Flute on "A City in the North", Sang on "the Fact of a Seraph"
    Dan Littleton - Guitar, Sang
    Samara Lubelski - Violin on "Ade to a Passing" & "Flush Thumb Blues"
    Liz Mitchell - Sang on "the Fact of a Seraph"
    Ida Pearle - Violin on "the Fact of a Seraph" & "A City is the South"
    Karla Schickele - Piano on "Bullhorn Moon" & "A City in the South"