Couldn't You Wait? The Story of Silkworm Out February 18th!

On February 18th, the long awaited documentary "Couldn't You Wait? The Story of Silkworm" will be released to the masses. The film documents the band's musical career, which spans over 17 years. The footage includes interviews with Steve Albini (Shellac, Big Black, Rapeman), Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Stephen Malkmus (Pavement, The Jicks), and multiple others.

With a legacy that includes 9 full-lengths, multiple singles and EPs, and innumerable tours, the trio disbanded in 2005 after the loss of drummer Michael Dahlquist. Tim Midgett and Andy Cohen formed the band Bottomless Pit with Chris Manfrin (Seam). Although Silkworm existed on the fringe of "indie rock", a Silkworm fan is a devout fan.

After watching the trailer below, you can purchase your own copy of the documentary for only 5 bucks at the film's official website HERE. Or splurge a little - for 10 bucks you can also get Live Worm, 22 tracks of live recordings from Silkworm and members of Silkworm. Still need more Silkworm? You can add in deleted scenes and other special features to your purchase for 20 bucks!