Hundreds of new photos uploaded.

We've been digging through our archives and have unearthed some stellar photos. Check out new photos of current faves: The Black Heart Procession, CocoRosie, Pinback, Calexico, Chk Chk Chk, The Ex, and the Rachel's. Rediscover the classics too, including, Seam, Scratch Acid, Die Kreuzen, Brainiac, PW Long, and many more. Browse the photo pages of your favorite bands for countless gems!

Touch and Go is also having an open call for photo and flier submissions from you, the public. If you have any photos or fliers of TG/QS bands that you would like to see on the website please send them our way. Make sure you credit the photographer for each entry so that we may do the same. We are not responsible for returning submissions, so e-mail them if they are invaluable originals.

Please mail photos/fliers to:

Quarterstick Records
Attn: Web Photos
P.O. Box 25342
Chicago, IL. 60625