Ocean Songs

Ocean Songs | Dirty Three

Release Date: 03/31/1998

Catalog Number: TG193

Format: LP, CD


  1. Sirena
  2. The Restless Waves
  3. Distant Shore
  4. Authentic Celestial Music
  5. Backwards Voyager
  6. Last Horse on the Sand
  7. Sea Above, Sky Below
  8. Black Tide
  9. Deep Waters
  10. Ends of the Earth

Album Art

  • Ocean Songs

Ocean Songs

Ocean Songs | Dirty Three

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The Restless Waves   
Distant Shore   
Authentic Celestial Music   
Backwards Voyager   
Last Horse on the Sand   
Sea Above, Sky Below   
Black Tide   
Deep Waters   
Ends of the Earth   

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  • Ocean Songs
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    Band Member Info


    Warren Ellis - Violin, Viola, Piano on 10
    Mick Turner - Guitar, Melodica, Loops
    Jim White - Drums, Percussion
    David Grubbs - Piano on 4, 5, 7, Harmonium on 4 & 5
    CD initially came with bonus cd.