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Wuhling is the name of whirled up water behind a ship when it passes. Not the wake, mind you, but pre-wake. If one could personify that occasion and put it into feeling, it would be like that sensation one gets when looking over a very high balcony.

Wuhling started when Anne Rolfs and Frank Neumeier started playing together in 1993 in Germany. Vicky Schmatolla, the original bass player, left soon after they recorded their first single, Der Ort in Berlin. After a long search through what seemed like 24 bass players, Anne and Frank decide to record their album Spacebeige on their own. Wuhling traveled to France in April ’95 and recorded it at Iain Burgess’ Black Box Studios with Peter Deimel.

Heike Marie Radeker of 18th Dye heard their tape of the Spacebeige album and joined them in May ’95. The single Mondsound/Dimde Dimde was recorded soon after at Vielklang Studio with Caspar Brotzmann’s engineer, Bruno Gebhard. The single caught the ear of Touch and Go, and the result was the release of the Extra 6 album (recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini) in April of 1997. Wuhling went on permanent hiatus soon thereafter.