I ♥ Mekons

I ♥ Mekons | Mekons

Release Date: 10/15/1993

Catalog Number: QS19

Format: CD


  1. Millionaire
  2. Wicked Midnite
  3. I Don't Know
  4. Dear Sausage
  5. All I Want
  6. Special
  7. St Valentine's Day
  8. I ♥ Apple
  9. Love Letter
  10. Honeymoon in Hell
  11. Too Personal
  12. Point of No Return

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  • I ♥ Mekons

I ♥ Mekons

I ♥ Mekons | Mekons

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Wicked Midnite   
I Don't Know   
Dear Sausage   
All I Want   
St Valentine's Day   
I ♥ Apple   
Love Letter   
Honeymoon in Hell   
Too Personal   
Point of No Return   

Album Art

  • I ♥ Mekons
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    Band Member Info


    Tom Greenhalgh – Vocals, Guitar
    Susie Honeyman – Violin
    Jon Langford – Guitar, Vocals
    John Langley – Drums
    Sarah Corina – Bass
    Sally Timms – Vocals
    Rico Bell – Backing vocals
    John Gill – Melodica
    Elie Hollingshead – Backing Vocals on “Wicked Midnight”