The Sea and the Bells

The Sea and the Bells | Rachel's

Release Date: 10/01/1996

Catalog Number: QS38

Format: LP, CD


  1. Rhine & Courtesan
  2. The Voyage of Camille
  3. Tea Merchants
  4. Lloyd's Register
  5. With More Air Than Words
  6. All Is Calm
  7. Cypress Branches
  8. The Sirens
  9. Night at Sea
  10. Letters Home
  11. To Rest Near to You
  12. The Blue-Skinned Waltz
  13. His Eyes

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  • The Sea and the Bells

The Sea and the Bells

The Sea and the Bells | Rachel's

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Rhine & Courtesan   
The Voyage of Camille   
Tea Merchants   
Lloyd's Register   
With More Air Than Words   
All Is Calm   
Cypress Branches   
The Sirens   
Night at Sea   
Letters Home   
To Rest Near to You   
The Blue-Skinned Waltz   
His Eyes   

Album Art

  • The Sea and the Bells
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    Band Member Info


    John Baker - Bells
    Kevin Coultas - Drum set, Timpani
    Christian Frederickson - Viola, Matchbooks
    Edward Grimes - Drum Kit
    Rachel Grimes - Piano, Vibes, Linen Sheet
    Thomas Hatte - Contrabass
    Sarah Hong - Cello
    Ann Kim - Violin
    Greg King - Boatswain
    Jim Maciukenas - Musical Saw
    Matthew McBride - Viola
    Eve Miller - Violoncello, Breton Plotter & Notepad