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    Dead Child

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    On April 8, 2008, Quarterstick Records will release Dead Child’s debut full-length album entitled Attack. We’re honored to be working with this talented and prolific fivesome. Attack, as you’ll soon learn, is a metal Frankenstein made from the strongest limbs of all heavy music. This monster has been turbo-charged with lightning from the sky of a doomed world—a total masterpiece! What’s more, Attack contains absolutely no cookie monster vox; lead vocalist Dahm actually sings his ass off!

    The members of Dead Child are not strangers in the least. According to the band, “they are five old friends whose lives have musically intersected each other’s for years.” Welcome back, friends. And to you new guys, pleased to meet you too.

    Currently, Dead Child is recording with producer Brad Wood at Downtown Recording Studios in Louisville, Kentucky. Keep your ear to the ground cos they’ll be rumbling through the U.S. this spring turning believers into heathens.

    David Christian Pajo - guitar
    Michael McMahan - guitar
    Dahm - vocals
    Todd Cook - bass
    Tony Bailey - drums